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About Luc van Hecke
Luc Van Hecke is a seasoned financial services professional based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Currently the Chief Executive Officer with AmsterdamGold Group, Luc has spent decades sharpening his expertise in international trade in financial products and commodities. Under his leadership, AmsterdamGold has grown to become a market leader for trade in physical gold and silver.

Outside of his professional life, Luc enjoys traveling and immersing himself in the diverse cultures of countries all around the world. Like many of his fellow countrymen, Luc relishes the opportunity to explore on an international scale.

Luv Van Hecke does not consider himself a tourist, however, but rather an explorer who is interested in learning from the unique cultures and people along his journey. Fortunate enough to travel at least twice a year for several weeks at a time, Luc enjoys completely immersing himself in the cities that he visits for extended stays. When in a new city, Luc Van Hecke seeks to be authentic as possible; he likes to experience life in the city just as the people who live there do. Luc has a knack for finding the types of restaurants, hotels, and hole-in-the-wall places that make each new place special.

Luc Van Hecke is most fond of long distance travel. His most rewarding experiences have included trips to Asia, South America, and South Africa. Most recently, Luc spent time in Cape Town, South Africa and took advantage of all the city had to offer. As a wine connoisseur, Luc Van Hecke savored the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful wine estates in the world. When it was time to enjoy some time by the water, Luc spent his days relaxing on the beach and even partook in some kitesurfing.

His drive for new experiences only grows after each trip, and Luc shows no signs of slowing down. In the near future, Luc Van Hecke has his sights set on visiting New York City, Brazil, returning to Australia, and more.

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