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Technology has begun to play an increasingly important role in attracting and retaining guests at hotels around the world. No longer is it sufficient to offer a dodgy free WiFi connection. Guests want the latest tech amenities in their lodging to make their stay more enjoyable. Cutting edge tech amenities have become the go-to offering for many properties in much the same way that premium bedding and free WiFi have been in the past decade.


Personalization Makes a Difference

Guests like knowing that you understand their needs, whether it’s pre-stay, during the stay or afterward. Understanding a guest’s individual preferences and making them aware that you understand it can promote loyalty to your brand and encourage future bookings. Allowing your guests to control temperature and lighting via their app is one to achieve this. Another way is to allow guests to create profiles for items such as newspapers, toiletries and other in-room comforts.


Virtual Concierge

Heading to the lobby to discover local restaurants or book a tour is a thing of the past. Guest can do this through a variety of manner depending on the property where they are staying. Some, such as the Luma Concept Hotel properties in London, have an in-room smartphone that provides all necessary information with a few touches. Other chains, like Marriott, provide this service with their smartphone app. Providing a virtual concierge has benefits for the hotel too as it frees employees to do other tasks.


Robotic Employees

One would think that working robots are something only seen in the Jetsons or futuristic movies, however, they are becoming commonplace at properties in Asia. The Henn-na Hotel in Japan, for example, is completely run by robots. Among the tasks that robots can perform are delivering food and drinks to guests, deliver luggage to rooms and handle check-in and check-out duties.


In-Room Technologies

Wireless charging stations, access to services such as Hulu and Netflix and similar offerings are in high demand. Much of the work here goes on behind the scenes as properties upgrade their Internet connections. The ability to upgrade to high-speed connections is offered at many properties, but increasing the bandwidth available at a site is another important consideration as many guests are now arriving with multiple devices that they use while staying in their rooms.