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traveling alone - luc van hecke

Sharing a trip with friends and family can be a special experience, but traveling solo can be incredible, especially if you’ve never made it a point to do so. Coordinating a trip with someone else is likely to be difficult because you may want to do completely different activities, and when a group is involved it becomes even more complicated.

Sometimes an individual wants to do something nobody else is interested in such as skydive at the Grand Canyon, taste real Maine Lobster or go to the ancient Mayan ruins. Instead of sacrificing how you’d like to spend your vacations, take the plunge and travel alone so you can make these bucket list items a reality.

Spending time alone can lead to an introspective and powerful experience, and traveling alone allows you to alone time while taking a morning hike or enjoying a sunset at the beach.

Traveling alone is an amazing way to make new friends and meet the locals. There may be interesting people at the cafe, or on the beach, and as long as safety is kept in mind, traveling solo to a foreign land can be an adventure.

Solo travel means you never have to any compromise on the activities because there are no obligations to anyone else. Go sightseeing, enjoy a mojito at the bar or the whole day shopping if that’s what you want to do.

Traveling alone can make a person better able to adapt to changes and be empowered to conquer fears in life. Traveling by yourself may provide the encouragement to try more new activities in life. When you’re able to take a trip to a new place and navigate the area without anyone else’s help, it can be incredibly rewarding.

Having a little time apart can be a good opportunity for a couple who wants to travel by themselves once in awhile. This enhances trust and reminds the couple what they originally saw in one another. If the travel destination turns out to be incredible, the couple can always return together in the future.