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I continued my travels around South Africa with a visit to Camps Bay. This beautiful place is also located on the Western portion of South Africa. Everything about Camps Bay is stunning. It is located at the bottom of the stunning Twelve Apostles mountain range, directly next to the Atlantic Ocean. This location lends itself to fun on the beach, beautiful views, and is very close to the city center of Cape Town. However, there is little need to go to the city center with the delicious restaurants and upscale accommodation in Camps Bay.

During my trip, I was able to experience some of the best parts of Camps Bay. More specifically, I spent a lot of time checking out restaurants, as well as spending time at Camps Bay Beach. The beach has a spectacular view of the mountain range, at which we marveled while lying out on the white sand. The water was warm and almost purely blue, and the waves were spectacular. The beach is great for swimming, water sports, and even surfing!

Another great part about the area surrounding Camps Bay Beach is the abundance of trails. Just a short drive away exist three wonderful walking trails that lead to more incredible sights, as well as an immersion into nature. Visitors who want to be more active can take the trails leading up the mountain, while those who simply want to take a nice walk can stick to more flat terrain, like that of The Glen.

As I mentioned before, the restaurants in Camps Bay served some of the freshest, most spectacular food I have ever tasted. One of my favorites was Codfather Seafood and Sushi. They have a wide selection of fish and calamari, and it is all fresh from the ocean. The dining experience is interesting because you do not go through the typical process in which you are brought a menu and order one dish. Instead, you pick a type of fish and how much of it you would like, and it is prepared for you in a special style. The lack of knowledge of what you are going to get only makes the dining experience more pleasant.

Overall, Camps Bay is a perfect place to go for some relaxation and time in the sun!