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As one of Mother Nature’s most wondrous sources of beauty, caves provide a mystical escape from reality and a peek into the underground world. The planet is full of interesting and awe-inspiring caves just waiting to be explored. Here are a few of the top choices to scratch your itch for cave exploring:


CARLSBAD CAVERNS – NEW MEXICO: As one of the most visited cave networks in the world, Carlsbad Caverns is made up of 117 unique caves. One cave even hosts an elevator designed to provide visitors with easy access and viewing.


MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK – KENTUCKY: Officially designated as one of America’s treasured national parks in 1941, Mammoth Cave National Park boasts the longest cave passageway on the globe, clocking in at 390 miles.


BLUE CAVES – GREECE: Located on the remote Greek Island of Zakynthos, the Blue Caves are only accessible by small boat. Cut into the towering cliffs of majestic Cape Skinari, the splendid blue hue of these caves is caused by the white walls and rocks in the caves reflecting the light of the water.


BEAR CAVE – ROMANIA: As one of the most interesting cave histories, local lore says that this cave system was once a home to many bears who were killed when a rock covered the entrance and trapped them inside. Located in the Apuseni Mountains, visitors can even visit the Bears Gallery to view the 140 preserved bear skulls.


QUMRAN CAVES – ISRAEL: This network of caves in the West Bank plays a significant part in the history of the world. It was at this archeological site that the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. Today, visitors to the caves can stroll through the walking paths and enjoy sweeping views of the Dead Sea.


JEWEL CAVE – SOUTH DAKOTA: Designated a National Monument in 1908, the Jewel Cave is 157 miles long, making it the second longest cave network on the planet. Visitors delight in a variety of activities offered year round including a historic tour and spelunking tour for those more adventurous travelers.


Wherever you caving adventures may take you, you are sure to find a world unlike any other once you begin your daring journey.