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Lagoon Langebaan

The beautiful lagoon

A while back, I went to visit a small town on the west coast of South Africa called Langebaan, which rests on the southeastern shore of Saldanha Bay. I found it to be a truly exquisite place. Langebaan is fairly popular, and is right next to Langebaan Lagoon. This means that it is filled with incredible views of white beaches and clear water, as well as some incredible wildlife.

Before I got to Langebaan, I read up on some history associated with the town. I learned that the name Langebaan stems from legends about fishermen and fjords. It has been around for millions of years, and used to be a meeting place for Khoi leaders. Saldanha Bay historically was a destination for explorers and seal hunters. Although many were not interested in its lack of fresh water, it was still used for fishing. The Dutch and English battled on the bay during the first British occupation, then became a lawless place for several years before it became used to house sick sailors. It has since been a hotspot for whaling, and was used as a British fleet base in World War II, until it received municipal status and because a popular retirement home.

I can certainly see why Langebaan is a popular retirement destination, just as any beautiful place is great for travel. It is a perfect place to explore the region around it, as it is easy to get to. Additionally, there are so many great things to do in the town itself. Water sports, for example, are very popular in Langebaan. I personally enjoyed the large amount of kite surfing that takes place in Langebaan Lagoon. When I went, I must have been out on the water with ten other people who were either kitesurfing or windsurfing, which was truly an amazing experience.

When I was in Langebaan, I stayed in the Farmhouse Hotel. I cannot recommend this venue enough. It is a perfectly relaxing place with incredible views and delicious restaurant food. It is everything I look for in a vacation hotel, right down the the insanely comfortable beds. The Farmhouse is actually a farmhouse, renovated into a beautiful hotel. It holds many artifacts that tell you the history of Langebaan, as well as exquisite antique furniture. The rooms are huge and many look straight out at the bay. Additionally, the staff is friendly and downright fantastic.

Langebaan is meant for those who love the water and the sun, and truly comes alive in summer months. I would highly recommend a visit to this place for those who are interested in watersports and tanning, and for anyone who just wants a purely relaxing vacation.


Beginning to kite in Langebaan!


The view in the lagoon

Langebaan Farmhouse

My view from the Farmhouse