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Typically travel blogs give you ideas and tips on where to go or how to prepare for your next vacation, but this article is all about places you will most likely never get to see because of their confidential nature or they’re too dangerous. Although each of these spots are interesting, you probably will never be able to check these off of your list of visited places.


Area 51

Located in the United States, Area 51 is a US military installation that is shrouded in mystery and controversy. Known for being the epicenter of UFOs and aliens, there are no tours for this base allowed for the public. At the entry of Area 51, there are signs that trespassers will be shot on sight, so it’s discouraged to try to visit this place at any time.


Vatican Secret Archives

Another location that is at the center of controversy is the Secret Archives of the Vatican. There are stories about what you would expect to find in the archives, but very few people actually knows what is and isn’t contained behind closed doors. Unfortunately, unless you’re a historic researcher, it’s likely you won’t get very close to the actual archives.


North Sentinel Island

This island off of the coast of India has been banned for all visitors and fishermen, as the tribe that lives there, the Sentinelese are aggressive toward anyone that comes toward the island. In 2006, 2 fishermen got too close to North Sentinel Island and were killed by the tribe. The island has lush forests and crystal clear water, but getting anywhere near this area is ill advised because the Sentinelese will attack anyone that comes close with spears and arrows.


Poveglia, Italy

There are many incredibly beautiful places to visit in Italy, but Poveglia isn’t one of them. Located a half a mile from Venice, this island was were bubonic plague sufferers were sent by the thousands to die in the 1300s. If that wasn’t bad enough, a mental asylum was opened in the 1800s, where the onsite doctor allegedly performed experiments on the patients. Even though the island is off limits to visitors, there are still some that try to brave the waters and illegally visit the island, but this is very ill advised.