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Delaire Graff

The view from Delaire Graff.

In my travels around South Africa, I went to several beautiful places. One of which, as you know, was Langebaan on South Africa’s west coast. Another wonderful vacation spot in the west of South Africa is Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch is a gorgeous city with incredible mountain views and several wine routes. I spent a great deal of my time there exploring wine estates and horseback riding. One of the greatest things about Stellenbosch is that it is filled with incredible views. Everywhere I went, whether to a winery, on a horseback ride, or simply for a relaxing walk, there was always something breathtaking to see.

During my stay in Stellenbosch, I was at the Delaire Graff Estate. It is known for its wine, art, and hospitality, all of

Barrels Delairegraff

Wine barrels at Delaire Graff.

which I was lucky enough to enjoy while there. This estate is located directly over the Stellenbosch valley, and is filled with beautiful art. Not only does it hold a curated inside look at Laurence Graff’s personal art collection, made up of the work of several talented South African artists, it also has art and sculptures in its beautiful garden. The garden is renowned for combining art and nature seamlessly, with upwards of 300 different types of plants and several reflective pools. Keith Kristen, a well-known horticulturist, designed the landscape for this estate and his hard work blends perfectly with the garden’s cheetah sculptures, created by Dylan Lewis. The Delaire Graff Estate is a great spot for travelers to relax. I highly recommend it!


Roses vergelegenAnother wonderful indulgence in Stellenbosch is its expansive wine routes. There are more than 150 wineries in Stellenbosch, and all of them are organized into routes and networks. The classification of said routes all depends on location and climate, which means that different routes can be chosen depending on preferred types of wine. The wineries are equipped with tasting rooms and restaurants, and there is even accommodation for those that travel to Stellenbosch specifically to visit wineries. I personally loved the Vergelegen wine estate which not only has delicious, hand-crafted wines, but also has gardens and cuisine. I was able to tour the wine cellar, and spent a great deal of time in the sunny garden. It was truly a delightful experience.

Stellenbosch horseride

My horseback wine tour!


An additional unique experience I got to have in Stellenbosch was a joint horseback riding, wine tasting tour. On it, I was able to ride across pastures and through different vineyards. At the end, I tasted a variety of delectable wines. It was truly a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend.


Stellenbosch is another beautiful place to visit in South Africa. Between the gorgeous sites, the art, the nature, and the wonderful estates, there is no reason not to feel completely at peace when on a getaway to this place.

The leopard sculptures.

The leopard sculptures.

Vergelegen view

The view from Vergelegen.